We’re Strangers?

My name is David J. Rodriguez.

I was born in Southern California but moved to Oregon with my family in 2001. So at this point, I feel like a native. I grew up in a small country town in the Columbia River Gorge called Corbett, but have since relocated to Portland with my boyfriend of 7 years, graphic design badass Josh Luna.

As a teenager, I volunteered for nearly 5 years at the Oregon Zoo as a ZooTeen and an intern of both Birds of Prey and Marine Life. I once dreamt of riding atop killer whales or working as an exotic animal handler for Hollywood movies.

I also spent the next 9 years acting on the stage in an array of theatrical productions before finding an interest in screen acting.

I worked as a barista for 6 years until starting a successful production company known as Gradient along with five highly creative friends.

Currently, I just earned my B.A. in Film from Portland State University! This fall, Josh and I will be spending a year abroad where I’ll finally have the chance to travel, film, and explore.

So, yeah. I like to stay busy.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is embedded into my spirit as a night when anything is possible.

I am a Taurus a few days shy of being an Aries; aspects of both appear in my personality.

Reading; Writing; Film; Classic Rock; Antiques; Ancient History; Archaeology; Symbology; Mythology; Gaming; Martial Arts; Travel; Coffee; The Ocean; Music; Pumpkins; Seafood: All pieces of my soul.

Before reading this, I was a stranger to you.

Now I’m not.

Let’s be ghoulish friends forever, ok?


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