Medium Cool

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Common sense is too cautious,

Shut your mouth you never listen to your friends,

But you’ve seen me,

You beat me into art.


I know the distance that you keep is the max,

I know I said too much to take it back,

What did you see beneath me?

You’re unaware, but you left a mark.


Serpentine, sensible, martyr,

Asking me to play is a cash cold honor,

Take a drink and see it too,

Calm cool liquor through,

Everything you keep close to your heart,


There’s nothing to write,

Losing my voice,

Seen you in passing, who would’ve thought,

Nothing to hide, coffer of choice,

Donate your mysteries,

Die of white noise.


What am I but complacent, patient,

Image of relation shit I never could keep out,

Accusations baseless, faithless,

Ninety nine or higher,

Fever dream I’m burning down,

Nothing sustains me lately,

A wish isn’t worth much in waking,

Push a little harder, farther,

You’re a fire starter,

Speak and I can settle down,

Medium cool.


Common sense is too cautious,

You gotta know that we’re your biggest fans,

And you ease me, you please me,

When I want to be left alone,

Begin to think I’ve only got bad advice,

But when I’m sleeping deep I make it right,

And you break me,

You take me,

The way you do when there’s no one home,


Can we take a drive to consume, remove,

Irate dramas,

Killer king, inner chess,

I can’t see the future,

Red moves, black tools,

Glass soothing and smooth,

Pledge allegiance to you too.


Nothing to write, losing my voice,

Living is dreaming,

Watch where you’re crossing,

Blind in one eye, ear to the door,

Everything changes,

Die of white noise.


What am I but complacent, patient,

Triangle arrangement,

Promise things will turn around,

Apologies I make belated,

Shut my mouth and save it,

Whereabouts are you right now?

Nothing sustains me lately,

You’re not just a gem for the taking,

Eye to eye bombardment, starting over pray for guidance,

Speak and I can settle down.


Common sense is too cautious for the man, the plans,

The beautiful savage seasons,

Interjecting, point a finger, make amends,

And try not to rush,

Day to day, for days, it’s the same,

Like a phantom pain, orย a mind divided,

I wish I had the perspective then, today,

The knowledge, the virtue, a second chance to,

Change your mind and say,

Everything I meant to.


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