Feeling like a madman, unimpressed,

To relinquish it now, surely madness.


Shouldn’t mask on the sane son, tarnish the platinum,

Drinking Benedictine, Calvados, two to one.

Like gold in your hands and lips on demand,

It’s happy hour Sunday, church isn’t as fun.

The door’s been rusted shut, don’t superglue it,

God doesn’t care what time you go to bed.

You’ll wait for a sign, carry on, and then guess.


Rush of air in my mouth,

Hit the ground and break out.

Telling me to calm down,

Not that you would know how.

My head burns from inside,

Don’t know what to do but I promise not to lie.


Admit there’s a difference, because there is,

I don’t need to see it, give it back,

Fuck this.


I’ve got eidetic memory, coal mine canary,

Minds eye, filter through the moments that are gone,

When the convo is cut short, continues elsewhere,

“Don’t take it personally, you just aren’t as fun.”

The roles are reversed in ironic movement,

My own coffin nail,

I am not the one that you miss.

Flashback, show it to me smile that wins.


I could use a hypnotic, deranged,

Therapy stains, give me something that will last for days,

Laughing and sighing, kissing and fighting,

Are you alright? I want to be exciting.

If the cure is a hug and the cost is constrained,

What should I take but the coke to be Cain?

Now you know me,

But not the way I was hoping.


Masterpiece, mental sale,

Learn to read, See in braille,

Some thing’s change,

Am I stale?

High class fire sale.


Diamonds are my ransom, write a check,

Say, “Cheers! Here’s to good health. Don’t leave a tip.”


Summer pool in the deep end,

Descend and look up,

Everything’s clear through distortion.

I say, “We’ll make it soon to the good stuff.”

Lite-Brite institution,

Luminous yawn.

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