The Blur


I’ve lived my life by what I learned from being on the run,

Despite the shit I brought with it I know it could be worse,

It’s unconventional but fuck me if it isn’t fun,

If there’s a faster way to live,

Take me there.

I need it.


Your heart sounds like my own,

Pulsing like the freeway,

Can’t seem to find the words,

I want to kiss your face.

Embody what we need,

I’ll show you what you’ve missed,

And though the time will pass,

The blur is infinite.


With no excuse but youth and substance for resolve,

And disregard for what we know could make us fall,

I’m not afraid of the name or what may come,

And while the moment is calm,

Breathe in the blur like it’s light and will open my lungs.

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