A Successfully Spooky Month

In years past, I’ve always managed to build up October like a wonderful stack of cards, easily toppled by the slightest change in the wind. But this year was different, and I allowed myself to go with the flow and fill my mind with spooky things like ghosts and pumpkins rather than money and gas.

As a surprise to my best friend, I bought us tickets to Portland Center Stage’s “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”. We saw it on a sufficiently moody saturday evening in mid-october, and everything about the show seemed to fit: the stage, the dark-comedy content, and the gore. Oh the gore. They saved it until the opening of the second act, and when the (fake) arterial spray drenched the stage by some unseen mechanism, the audience went wild.

My mother is as much of a Halloween enthusiast as I am, and we’ve always said, “We should go to a haunted house this year!” Yet somehow that venture always escaped us. Not this year! We went to two. The first, The Four Horseman was Grimms’ fairytales/zombie themed, and while fun, left us wanting a more intense experience. Thus we went to the well-known 13th Door and got what we hoped for: real thrills, real chills, and thanks to a friends dad, free tickets, so no bills.

Fellow blogger and friend Mindy and I had our annual parties, and even spent a day baking pumpkin bread and filling her house with that positively enrapturing scent. I dressed as Tim Burton’s Oyster Boy for her pumpkin carving party, and as a famous explorer for my own fiesta. I also, if I do say so myself, made THE best home-roasted sea-salt pumpkin seeds ever…EVER. I also, to my delight, won a Halloween Toothpaste Art Contest.

While sipping an apple cider martini at the end of the month, I realized the one damn thing I didn’t do was go to a pumpkin patch! Blasphemy! Ah, well. I hope you all had a wonderful October as well, and here’s to next year!

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