Running in the Rain

The sun disappeared and gave way to the rain. Damn it, I thought. It had finally just begun to stay pleasant out. My head once more became lethargic; I combated this by waking up early and working out on the treadmill, as I usually do.

It didn’t help one day, though. The morning was so dull and gray; I stood in workout clothes looking outside when an idea came to me.

I put on black Under Armour and a light sweatshirt, then stepped out into the cold. I live in the Pacific Northwest countryside, though not far from Portland, it is cozily nestled in the gorge.

I plugged in my headphones and set it to my Silent Hill playlist. For any who have played these games, seen the surprisingly well done movie, or heard mention of it; the music is a psychological sound feast. Highly charged, then moodily lit.

My idea for this 4 mile loop I was about to do worked out nicely; as I ran through the misty morning in the rain, my mind (as it always does) began fabricating a story. I was running not through Corbett, but Silent Hill. The music caused a tension in my stride, motivating me to keep moving. I ran from unseen horrors just out of sight in the fog, slowing down only when the music permitted me to with the light ambiance of a break.

This may seem nerdy. It is, really. But I dare you to try the same thing; you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be.

5 thoughts on “Running in the Rain

  1. I love running under the rain. Well, maybe not running—walking 🙂 Walking lazily while enjoying the cold raindrops touching my skin. Amazing feeling! And it’ll be complete with a hot shower and a cup of hot chocolate afterwards! :))

    1. Living in Oregon allows me to run in the rain quite a bit! 🙂 I was getting somewhat bored of it until I started playing movie soundtracks and making up ridiculous stories to motivate my stride. And yes; a hot shower, and hot chocolate are the perfect after workout remedies!:D

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