The Membrane

I’m laying in bed, resting peacefully, my eyes open. But there’s something strange, a feeling of unease. I turn my head, and on my wall is an enormous spider. I recall the BBC show Life, and the words “Goliath Bird Eating Spider”, though this one striped yellow and black. I leap out of bed, turn on the lights.

There is nothing on my wall, and I feel dizzy. I’ve woken up.

The vividness and detail in which I dream is strange, to say the least. Many nights, I find that I cannot recognize the fact I’m dreaming. I accept the dream as reality. And depending on what it is that I have been experiencing, I awaken to a variety of feelings.

Disorientation. Sadness. Thankfulness. Confusion. Anger. Indifference.

Before you wonder whether I’ve been watching too much Inception, I promise you I’m not claiming them to be anything other than intense dreams. My guilty subconscious is not locked away within a multi-leveled elevator…at least not that I know of.

Usually, I can recall most of the details; the story, the people, the events. This is what sets me apart from the rest of my family, and most of the people I know. You may think that I don’t sleep well, or am never rested. On the contrary, I sleep deep. So much so that I descend into an unknown part of my psyche; bridging the gap of what is and isn’t real. I hold on tight, some nights fighting to stay within that realm. Usually.

When I have nightmares, they are equally as vivid, twice as unnerving. I won’t describe those to you here, and truthfully I don’t have them that often.

The photos aren’t meant to be anything more than a visual representation, a small glimpse of what I see. And in my current state of mind, thinking about such a topic, they seem to fit.

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon nightly? Does yours differ?

They say we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. Funny how that doesn’t bother me.

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